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Do you know how to heal the devastating hurt of your broken heart?

Neither did I.

So I started to study, experiment and find out. Falling down and standing up again, I learned a lot about what life and love are about, and how these things actually “work”.

In fact, I’m living a better life than ever before. If we are ready to do the work, better times than ever do await us!

Sharing the lessons with you

Author & Coach Ton Bil in 2017
Author & Coach Ton Bil in 2017

Now I share these Life and Love lessons with you. For I am on a mission to help people like you (and me) to heal our hearts. To find our calm and inner peace. And yes, to find lots of Love in our lives – as unbelievable as this may seem when your heartbreak is raw and fresh.

Balance your emotions, find confidence and grow as a loving person after breakup or divorce. Apply for a free consultation when it feels to be right for you.

What others say about chatting with me:

Malinka headshot square “Ton put me on the way to discover that I’m actually valuable. He always really heard and saw me, something one really needs in the tough process of detachment. He never judged me, and he made me feel safe. He coached from experience, connecting with where I was at the moment and what suited me.” – Malinka Jonkers, housewife

Gareth headshot square “It´s wonderful to fall in love again. I am very lucky. I want to thank you for being there in the most painful part of my life. You were a wonderful listener, a giver and so humble and gentle with your wisdom.” – Gareth Reaks, musician

Anne headshot square “After participating in Tons Love By Breakup Program, I conclude that you can learn to love yourself after a breakup and regain the confidence to find love again. His coaching took me through the muddy waters to a clear pond where I could see more clearly what lies beneath. Ton noticed details that I would otherwise gloss over or dismiss.” – Anne W. – Ph.D. in Economics (confidentiality is everything)

Denis headshot square “I began to look ahead, to no longer fear who I was and to no longer distrust others. Ton excels in the socratic method, that art which allows the birth of minds. Each of his contributions to my journey lead me to the next door, which then opened up without difficulty. Thanks to his great ability to listen and to analyze, he managed in a few conversations to point out to me the path that life had pushed me to leave.” – Denis Dussartre, teacher

Hannah headshot square “Ton was both analytical and convincing. His suggestions gave me the courage for new steps.” – Hannah Roelofs, dramaturge

Your biggest wish is where we start

The reality of Life and Love can be hard sometimes. Yet it is worth living with that reality and (re)discover the beauty of it. I learned a lot about the mind and the heart that most people are not aware of. At 52 I wasn’t either, yet I had studied Psychology earlier in my life, and now get the chance to dive deep in someone’s emotions and beliefs. Mine. Also I discovered some simple practices with amazing results. That is to say: I was amazed myself when I noticed how my hardest feelings were almost literally softening. How I could enter new “rooms” that had always seemed to be locked for me. And more like that. These practices I share during calls as well.

Are you up to improving how you feel? Do you want to be connected to Love more than ever before? Then push the button and sign up for a free consultation call. Learn about:

  • How to know what is going on
  • What to do about stress
  • Where to find peace when angry or jealous
  • Dealing with fears that rip you apart
  • Wisdom about life and Love from old roots
  • Loneliness and how to be OK when alone
  • – or just anything you are dealing with right now on the emotional and spiritual level.

The consultation call is FREE

Maybe you want a call, but also feel uneasy about it. That’s very common, and I invite you to still make the step. You’ve got nothing to lose, and much to gain. So give it a try, push the button and pick a date and time that are convenient for you. If you can, give me your Skype ID and Facebook ID, so that we can have a video call. Video calls are wonderfully effective for this kind of conversation, I promise!

During or after the consultation call, you might come to the conclusion you need and want more guidance. I’m open to that, if you’d want to. My work is first of all based on where you are, and where you want to go. I tap into a lot of old wisdom from psychology and spiritual traditions. As a former psychology student, and university teacher at the time of my breakup, I did my very personal research and experiments. My personal process of recovery and personal growth after an emotional disaster has brought me hard earned truths. In the last year, I’ve worked with people like you, and I’ve quoted some of their testimonials on this page.

During times of heartbreak our self-confidence is low. In hindsight I can tell you: What we need is already available in us. We need to learn to tap into it. Get useful, sometimes quite unusual suggestions to lift yourself out of your misery and emerge with a more connected and courageous spirit than ever before. You just apply what suits you.

♥ Want to get stronger and wiser out of your separation or divorce?
♥ Want to open up to the possibility of a flourishing love life?
♥ Like to get inspired by someone who’s been there and done that?

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