I Didn’t Think Love And I Could Flourish by Breakup

160215-bookcover.phpDo you know how to heal the devastating hurt of being left behind?

Do you welcome this crisis in your life?

Neither did I.

So I started to experiment and find out. I fell down and stood up again. I’ve described my rough path in this book Love by Breakup. For you to find inner wisdom, strength, courage, and love.

  • Coping with feelings of being ripped apart
  • Stilling overwhelming fears
  • Accepting the unchangeable
  • Why time won’t heal all wounds (but you can)
  • Learning wisdom from old roots
  • Finding courage and love
    – and more.

“I found your book to be profoundly helpful and reassuring.”

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This ebook describes my process of recovery and personal growth after an emotional disaster. You’ll find a ton of useful, sometimes quite unusual suggestions to get out of your misery and emerge with a more connected and courageous spirit than ever before.

♥ Want to get stronger and wiser out of your separation or divorce?
♥ Want to open up to the possibility of a flourishing love life?
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What proofreaders wrote to me:

charita“I found this book to be profoundly helpful and reassuring. Ton is truly an inspiration.” – Charita Williams, Racine, Wisconsin, USA

“Fantastic book! I have been feeling much more positive recently – looking forwards. Ton’s book helped because our experiences are exactly the same. It is as if he wrote it for me. I had some trouble holding back the tears as I read the book on a public plane, train and automobile.” – Gareth Reaks, Hinterzarten, Germany

FennaSmilde“I’m into ‘the story’, but meanwhile, I get ‘food for thought’ and reflection out of it. Deeply impressed how beautifully and well organized Ton has written about all this.
Very good that he stresses that everyone goes his or her own path. Many other books in this genre are so tiresome, like ‘do this, then ​that’ – and if you don’t succeed you did it wrong, or you’re not persevering it long enough…”
“Deep words. I’m moved.”
– F​enna Smilde​, Ede, the Netherlands

todd“I want to thank Ton. His positive attitude and wise words helped me accept what I needed to do to start loving myself and start healing.” – Todd McDaniel, Columbia, Missouri, USA

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