Love by Breakup: Your Amazing Transformation Program


Do you know how to heal the devastating hurt of being left behind?

Do you welcome this crisis in your life?

Neither did I.

I had not been in an abusive relationship, to the contrary: we cared for each other. Yet my wife wished to let me loose in love. And this broke my heart. In between the broken pieces I found much more that was broken in me, traumatized, and underdeveloped. I had never known it was there, let alone how to start to heal and grow from it. So I started to experiment and find out. I fell down and stood up again. And so I learned a lot about what life and love are about, and how these things actually “work”.

Sharing the lessons with you

Now I want to share these Life and Love lessons with you. For I am on a mission to help people like you (and me) to heal our hearts. To find our calm and inner peace again. And yes, to find lots of Love in our lives – as unbelievable as this may seem when your heartbreak is raw and fresh.

Balance your emotions, find confidence and grow as a loving person after breakup or divorce. Enter this program when you need it most.


Praise for Ton as someone to work with

“Ton is both analytical and convincing. His suggestions give me the courage for new steps.” – Hannah Roelofs, Speech Coach
“With Ton, people feel at ease and are able to speak from their heart.” – Kees Koenen, Business Architect
“Ton is very welcoming, enthusiastic and positive. He knows how to stimulate and coach people. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask him.” – David Vertegaal, Owner Permaver
“Ton is a very dedicated man, who inspires and motivates people in a very special way.” – Arjan Barel, Owner at Bureau Barel
“Being well balanced is Ton’s power in general.” – Jeroen Komen, Author, Coach, Photographer, Pilot

(Since the Love By Breakup Program is brand new, I don’t have evalations about it yet. The people above have worked with me in different settings, and their recommendations can be found in my LinkedIn profile.)

Your biggest wish is where we start

The reality of Life and Love can be hard sometimes, but it is worth living with that reality and (re)discover the beauty of it. The program teaches you things about the mind and the heart that most people are not aware of (at 52 I wasn’t either). Plus you will do simple practices with amazing results. That is to say: I was amazed myself when I noticed how my hardest feelings were almost literally softening. How I could enter new “rooms” that had always seemed to be locked for me.

Are you up to improving how you feel? Do you want to be connected to Love more than ever before? Then push the button and sign up to find inner wisdom, strength, courage, and Love. Learn about:

  • How to know what is going on
  • What to do about stress
  • Where to find peace when angry or jealous
  • Dealing with fears that rip you apart
  • Wisdom about life and Love from old roots
  • Loneliness and how to be OK when alone
  • – and more.

I don’t know it all

I’m not that spiritual guru or mind magician who knows all about you and what you should do. Yet from study and experience, and coming from the heart, I have the power to work on your side. Think about what you want and ask for it on the next page. Now push the button and tell me your biggest wish and what is withholding you from obtaining it. You will not be disappointed! (Unless you expect nothing but gumdrops and unicorns from life.)


This program is first of all based on a lot of old wisdom from psychology and spiritual traditions. As a former psychology student, and university teacher at the time of my breakup, I did my very personal research and experiments. My personal process of recovery and personal growth after an emotional disaster has brought me hard earned truths. Having been a coach for both business and personal affairs, I understood that I HAD to share these with as many people as I can. Simply because I want to help reduce the hurt, and increase the amount of Love that you and everyone have in our lives.

During times of heartbreak our self-confidence is low. In hindsight I can tell you: What we need is already available in us. We need to learn to tap into it. Get useful, sometimes quite unusual suggestions to lift yourself out of your misery and emerge with a more connected and courageous spirit than ever before. You just apply what suits you.

♥ Want to get stronger and wiser out of your separation or divorce?
♥ Want to open up to the possibility of a flourishing love life?
♥ Like to get inspired by someone who’s been there and done that?

If “yes”, then click the button and be among the first to get the program. You’ll get all updates of the material as soon as I release them. This will be the best quality program that I’ve ever made in 25 years of teaching.

Yet, a program like this, however useful it can be, must have a proper disclaimer in order not to conflict with all kinds of legislation. Therefore it is stated here that a user must not rely on this or any similar program as an alternative to advice from a certified healthcare provider. The user should seek immediate medical attention if (s)he thinks (s)he may be suffering from any medical or mental health condition. The user is advised to never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice or discontinue treatment because of the information provided on this website and any related page.

Don’t miss out on what you deserve from life.