Interview with Will Aylward

Life coach Will Aylward interviewed Ton Bil on relationships and breakups, and asked some personal questions as well. It’s 51 minutes long, so for your convenience, here’s the index so you can skip to what interests you most: 00:00 introduction of yours truly
01:30 living in another country: it’s more about your attitude than about the different culture
09:11 why a calling is not necessarily what you like to do most
15:40 how a breakup can be a blessing in disguise
18:15 about love, self-love (not narcistic) and romantic relationships
21:18 about coaching after a breakup or divorce
28:00 how buddhist wisdom inspires my work around love and breakup
35:30 on loving relationships and not taking everything personal
46:35 what superpower would I like to have?
48:10 on personal heroes and teachers