What to do when you feel stuck and start overeating

Yesterday, I felt stuck and I started overeating. Typically my way of dealing with unfulfilled needs.

Do you feel stuck at times and start some self-destructive behavior, that gives you immediate “fulfilment” of your unmet needs?

To me, growing my awareness is often key to a way out of such unpleasant moods. When after hours I became aware of what was going on with me, I quickly realized what I needed to do to get out of this mood. That is what the two-and-a-half-minute video is about. The video is part of the program Love By Breakup that I’m developing.

Would love to read your comment, and I will respond when I feel I’ve got something to say back. Shoot me a message at ton@lovebybreakup.com, OK?

Here’s the video:

One thought on “What to do when you feel stuck and start overeating”

  1. That’s a great and simple advice, Ton! I also have the tendency to eat when feeling discomfort and confusion. It’s like my mind wants to feel bad. Eating makes me passive and sometimes even aggressive. Because it it frustrating when something you do doesn’t take you anywhere. The connection between body and mind is important to remember. The hardest part is to get up, open the door and get out. I’m happy you did and that you share this!

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