Two reasons why you get this book for free

Reason number 1: There is more than the book.

For those who feel inspired by the book, I am developing a program that details techniques, meditations and more. Since I need to make a living, like we all do, I’ll charge a reasonable price for the program. It will have videos and illustrations and be totally focused on your recovery and personal growth. The program is based on sound science and my personal experiences. Everyone can decide for herself or himself to either buy or skip that program. No luring, no obligation, no risk.

Reason number 2: It is my life’s mission to ease our suffering.

People who break up, separate or divorce, often suffer a lot, and for a long time. Some of us never get over it. Many of us miss this opportunity to further develop ourselves as loving human beings, getting stronger, wiser and more connected to Love. I want to show ways to clear the road to less misery, and more Love in our lives. By reducing suffering of sentient beings I reduce mine, my motivation is that simple.

It’s my deepest wish the book can reach all those who can benefit from it. The book, therefore, has to be free. On Amazon the book comes with a small price to get it properly promoted there.

What my writing coach wrote to me:

Sean headshot square “I have to say…amazing writing. Fantastic stuff. You are so open, clear and sophisticated all at the same time. Great way of weaving your lessons through the timeline of your experiences. Great mixing of different styles to help the reader and avoid monotony. Your personality shines through like the sun, and I commend you for being so brave and open. Your humility, clarity, and helpfulness will make you a fantastic coach (and probably already does). Great job. Just great.” – Sean Kelly, Founder of 40 Days Bestseller Challenge

You can click the button and get the book by March 2016. For free.


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